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Entertaining while creating memories!
Family entertainment company creating memories for grandparents, parents, and the children they love.
  1. Face Painting Morgantown, WV
    Face Painting We only use high quality FDA approved face paints and glitters. We care about the safety of the children we paint. We do not use any glitter, face paint, or gem stickers that are NOT FDA approved.
  2. Kids Magic Morgantown, WV
    Mr. Twister's Kids Magic Show Mr. Twister's kids magic show is all about getting kids of all ages involved. Just when they think they know how its done...their little minds are blown.
Balloon Twisting
Face Painting
Kids Magic Shows
Juggling and Flow Arts
Kids Cartoon Characters
Princess Parties
  1. Kids cartoon characters Morgantown, WV
    Kids cartoon Characters Every kid has a favorite cartoon character and we make meeting that character possible. We have many of todays most popular characters and suggest calling for up to date info.
  2. Princess parties Morgantown, WV
    Princess Parties Every little girl is a princess and has a princess she wants to be just like. We bring the royal ball to you. So wear your favorite gown and book your favorite princess today. Call for up to date info.
  1. Mr. Twister
    Mr. Twister - Balloon Artist and Magician The Papa Smurf of the company. He is old, wise, and magical. His balloon skills are like Master Splinters. Balloon Twisting is his Super Hero power. You get the point!
  2. Miss Linda Face Painting
    Miss Linda - Face Painter She is very artistic creating not only beautiful work as a face painter but also with many hand painted crafts, furniture, and any other paintable medium.
  3. Weebit Flow Arts
    Weebit - Juggling, Poi, and Yo-Yo Tricks David Bowie would be proud to crown the new goblin king in this labyrinth of fun. Truly the last real avatar, bending air and fire much like Aang. According to Mr. Twister's 10 year old son Weebit is the most extraordinary entertainer ever!
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